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kanjoh Gabby Fai friend December 21, 2013
After so many years, the memories of that famous night in Limbe with you, “JB”, Epie Ekundime, Babila Ignatius, and myself, Gabby Fai are so fresh and real so much that I still can hear the drunk voices of that early morning of that Sunday and that of your mother calling at the door. It was a Saker night, and you were the most outstanding of the group. A group that was made of boys, stretched out ...all over Buea; From Longstreet to Buea general hospital, to Bungo square and Sandpit, where the base was. Despite the emptiness of our pockets as students, you made every move we ever made possible, you were the financial backbone of the group, you galvanized us and brought us to places we never thought possible, without you. I remember how we fought over food whether at Longstreet, Buea hospital, Bungo square or sandpit, or even at any of our “poff poff” joints. We did good things, just as we did bad things, but if one thing there was we left in the hearts of those who knew or saw us always, was the “LOVE” that flourished within us not only as friends, but as brothers. I remember, “in tears” when one old woman asked us if we were all brothers at a “poff poff “ joint.
Schooling and the search for greener pasture brought a very huge fracture between us. You left for South Africa, not long ago, Epie followed you. A few months or so after, Babila left as well, but this time to Germany. Years after, I followed, but took the way to the States. Just as God always does it, we all began a planning to meet again in Buea for a replay of our past life. But how can this be possible, when you decide to live us the way you did? I sent Babila a message, he could not work when he got the news, he called me, and we could not even talk due to intermittent busts in cry, doubts and I lack words.
JB, you may be dead, but your memories live forever. You lived a life of a fighter, a galvanizer, an organizer, you saw great breakthroughs where there was doubt. Your footsteps would be emulated by so many. Thanks for the industrious spirits you planted in us. As brothers, we proudly say you will live in our hearts forever and we would raise a banner for you. The blue print of your legacy is everywhere.
Adieu JB. Gabby Fai.
Tabi Tabi December 21, 2013
There's something about December which I will forever remember. It feels like the end and it's sad. Its not about the exhaustion caused by a long busy year. It is death. It feels like this is its best time of the year. Yesterday we witnessed our friend and brother, Ndah Jacob, draw his last breath, at a young age. I feel cheated, again. One more too many of close people to lose.

For close to 20 ...years, we have been together. Through thick and thin. Mamfe was not too far, and neither was the road leading there too bad, for you to take you wife, to see that I found a woman to marry. My place in Cape Town was never too far out of the city for you give me a lift to work, regardless that you'd just come back from working night shift and tired.

You made sure Johannesburg wasn't too far away, so you got married to a woman from Joburg, so that you could pick fights with me over silly things. I can go on forever, but this is what memories are made for. Just that I wasn't ready yesterday and still not prepared today, to share them. Cause they were meant to be shared when we are old and grey, sitting on the porches of our retirement homes somewhere in Cameroon, reminiscing over our younger days and complaining about grand kids and the younger generation. Not just yet. No. Wasn't ready.

Rest in peace my friend JB. Now you will not have any flaws anymore, nor try to be perfect, nor worry about the stresses of this world. Goodbye my brother.
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